Sports Medicine and Exercise Science (SME)

Associate Professor Carr, Chair
Associate Professor Parish

The major in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science equips students for graduate study in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Athletic Training, Medicine, Nursing, Dietetics/ Sports Nutrition, and allied health professions such as Cardiac Rehabilitation and Respiratory Therapy.  In addition, students will be well prepared for careers in a wide range of fitness professions including personal training, strength and conditioning, corporate fitness, and fitness administration.  All courses will be taught from a Christian worldview. Students wishing to declare a major in this discipline must have had a strong science foundation in high school and/or community college.  Sports medicine students will have real-world experience through a practicum, SME 470.

Sports Medicine Major (B.S.) — 50-51 hours* to include:

  1. Freshmen only (1 hour)
    1. SME 110
    2. Only incoming freshmen are required to take SME 110, placing their core curriculum total at 51 hours[BC1] .
  2. Biology courses (8 hours)
    1. BIO 105/107- General Biology I and Lab
    2. BIO 106/108- General Biology II and Lab
  3. Human Anatomy courses (8 hours)
    1. BIO 230/232- Human Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab          
    2. BIO 231/233- Human Anatomy & Physiology II/Lab 
  4. Sports Medicine courses (30 hours)
    1. SME 275, 310, 320, 340, 380/381, 410/411, 420/421, 435, 450         
  5. Senior Comps
    1. SME 495
  6. Clinical Experience (4 hours)
    1. SME 470
    2. Students must take a total of 4 credit hours of SME 470.

SME majors must successfully complete (70%) the senior comprehensive written and oral exams (SME 495) during the senior year prior to graduation. 

 Students must complete each SME core course with a grade of C- or higher in order to continue in the major.

Sports Medicine and Exercise Science Minor<—18 hours
BIO 230, 231, 232 and 233, SME 275, SME 340, 380, and 381. (optional additional course is SME 310). 

Pre-Professional Allied Health Concentration (24 credits):

1 semester of Gen Chemistry and Lab - 4 hours

1 semester of Gen Physics and Lab - 4 hours

1 semester of Statistics (MAT or PSY) - 3 hours

2 semesters of Social Science (choose from PSY/SOC courses) - 6 hours

1 semester of advanced Biology (BIO 300+) - 4 hours

1 semester of Business (choose from BUS courses) - 3 hours

Honors Program: The Sports Medicine and Exercise Science department offers opportunities for students to enroll in honors courses from its department.  Students wishing to enroll in the honors program in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science may take the following courses as honor courses: SME 275, 340, 380, 410, and 435. For students majoring in this department, one must pass a minimum of nine hours of honors courses within the discipline and a minimum of nine hours from the honors courses of other departments.  Each course must be passed with a B or higher.  No more than 18 hours are required for the honors degree.  For other honors program policies, see "Honors Program" located in the "Administration of the Curriculum" section of the catalogue.

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ACC - Accounting
ART - Art
ASM - Actuarial Sciences
BHA - Health Administration
BIB - Biblical Studies
BIO - Biology
BUS - Business
CAS - Child Advocacy Studies
CES - Classical Education Studies
CHE - Chemistry
CJU - Criminal Justice
COM - Communication
COS - Council Studies
CSC - Computer Science
CWR - Creative Writing
DAN - Dance
DMA - Digital Media
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EDU - Education
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MML- Ministry Leadership
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PHI - Philosophy
PHY - Physics
PSC - Political Science
PSY - Psychology
REA - Reading
SAM - Sports Administration
SCI - Science
SCM - Supply Chain Management
SMA - Sports Management
SME - Sports Medicine
SMT - Sales Management
SOC - Sociology
SPA - Spanish
SPC - Speech Communication
SPE - Speech
SWK - Social Work
TDS - Tradigital Studies
Teaching English as a Second Language TESL
THE - Theatre
WVC - Worldview Curriculum
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