Physics (PHY)

Assistant Professor Carlson

Associate Professor Bishop

Physics is the most fundamental physical science. Its primary concern is with the basic principles of our physical environment. Physics has been successful at predicting how nature will behave based on the experimental data obtained in other situations. The ideas studied in physics have proven to be so fundamental that they are required for nearly every technical field including science, technology, engineering, and medicine. The department of physics seeks to offer its students a comprehensive understanding of the physical world. The laboratory focuses on data analysis, operating modern lab equipment, problem solving, and exploring fundamental relationships between different variables. Students will take classes related to motion, dynamics, forces, mechanics, sound, waves, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity, electrodynamics, astronomy, energy, and more.

Physics minor: 22 hours to include CHE 421 or 422, MAT 208, PHY 241, 243 or PHY 251, 253; PHY 242, 244 or PHY 252, 254; 4 hours of Physics electives from the following: CHE 421, 422, PHY 351, 352, 431, 432, 451, 452; and 3 additional hours from Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics (MAT 209).

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