Philosophy of Worldviews (PHI)

Dr. Ford, Dean of Worldview Studies

The philosophy of worldviews department seeks to prepare men and women to serve Christ in the world of ideas. To accomplish this goal we offer a major that promotes critical thinking while studying the history of ideas. The philosophy of worldviews major is designed to prepare students for jobs that require critical thinking, graduate work, and seminary. We deal with perennial questions endeavoring to answer them and to see how the answers fit into the Christian worldview. By promoting critical thinking, our classes prepare students to live, adapt, and make decisions in our fast-changing world.

Philosophy of worldviews students also have the opportunity for real-world research experience through PHI 441, Topics. In this optional course, senior PHI majors will research, write and defend a paper on an agreed upon topic.

Philosophy of Worldviews Major: 33 hours to include (1) PHI 225, 227, 275, 321, 322 and 337; (2) BIB 210 and 431; (3) ART 360, ENG 473 and PSC 316. PHI 441 Topics (3 hours) may be taken with the permission of the Department chair.

Philosophy of Worldviews Minor: 18 hours

Honors Program: The philosophy department offers opportunities for students to enroll in honors courses from its department. Any departmental course may be taken as an honors course. For students majoring in this department, one must pass a minimum of nine hours of honors courses within the discipline and a minimum of nine hours from the honors courses of other departments. Each course must be passed with a B or better. No more than 18 hours are required for the honors degree. For other honors program policies, see “Honors Program” found in the “Administration of the Curriculum” section of this catalogue.

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