Classical Education Studies (CES)

Professor Ford, Dean of Worldview Studies

The Classical College prepares students to serve in classical schools as teachers or administrators. The student continues their rich classical school experience by deepening their understanding of the implications of biblical truth in forming and expressing that truth a coherent worldview. Though the Trivium is not exactly replicable on a college level, this program does emphasize biblical foundations, the goal for accurate understanding, interpreting and expressing biblical truth in a rhetorically successful way, and a commitment to the personal Lordship of Christ in one’s life and in the world of ideas.

Requirements for a Classical Education Studies Major at Belhaven

In addition to the complete Worldview Curriculum or transfer curriculum in the general education requirements, majors will complete the following courses: ENG 473, plus 3 credits of other 300-400 level English; 6 credits of 300-400 level HIS course; PHI 225, 227, 275, 321, 322, 337; 6 credits of 300-400 level ART or MUS courses, and HUM 402 Capstone. In addition, GRE 101 and 102 will be offered.

Requirements for a Classical Education Studies Minor at Belhaven

This minor would be offered in coordination with a Major in the Arts (Liberal or Fine Arts). The requirement would be 18 hours – with 12 hours in PHI 225 Logic, PHI 227 Ethics, PHI 321 History of Ancient Philosophy, PHI 337 Epistemology and two 300-400 level courses from MUS, ENG, HIS or ART in an area other than the declared major. Greek I and II are also recommended.

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ACC - Accounting
ART - Art
BHA - Health Administration
BIB - Biblical Studies
BIO - Biology
BUS - Business
CAS - Child Advocacy Studies
CES - Classical Education Studies
CHE - Chemistry
CJU - Criminal Justice
COM - Communication
COS - Council Studies
CSC - Computer Science
CWR - Creative Writing
DAN - Dance
DMA - Digital Media
ECO - Economics
EDU - Education
ELT - English Language Teaching
ENG - English
ESL - English as Second Lang
FAM - Family Studies
FLM - Film Production
FRE - French
GDS - Graphic Design
GER - German
GRE - Greek
HIS - History
HNS - Honors
HPE - Health and Physical Ed
HUM - Humanities
ICS - Intercultural Studies
IDS-Interdisciplinary Studies
IST - International Studies
LDC - Leadership & Coaching
LDS - Leadership Studies
MAT - Mathematics
MML- Ministry Leadership
MUS - Music
NUR - Nursing
PHI - Philosophy
PHY - Physics
PSC - Political Science
PSY - Psychology
REA - Reading
SAM - Sports Administration
SMA - Sports Management
SME - Sports Medicine
SOC - Sociology
SPA - Spanish
SPC - Speech Communication
SPE - Speech
SWK - Social Work
TDS - Tradigital Studies
Teaching English as a Second Language TESL
THE - Theatre
WVC - Worldview Curriculum
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