The courses can be used as credit toward a degree.  Certificate programs are approved for veterans training by the state approving agency and are the equivalent of a college major except where noted.

Dance: 21 - 24 hours

The certificate in dance requires 21 - 24 credit hours and takes two consecutive semesters (beginning in the fall) to complete, with some flexibility to facilitate appropriate substitutions.  This program is not the equivalent of a major in dance.  The fall semester should include DAN 133 or higher, DAN 125 or higher, DAN 170, DAN 151 (Pilates), DAN 370, and DAN 147.  The spring semester should include DAN 134 or higher, DAN 126 or higher, DAN 270, DAN 251 (Pilates), DAN 371, and DAN 148 or DAN 290.