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The Visual Arts Department at Belhaven University seeks to help students develop the creative vision, aesthetic insight, technical skill, intellectual rigor, spiritual discernment, and work ethic necessary for the practice of visual art from a Christian worldview.  The department also seeks to provide the campus and local community with opportunities to encounter and engage with works of visual art and their creators.  Visual arts majors gain professional experience through participation in public exhibitions, including the senior show, as well as opportunities for internships.

The Visual Arts Department offers a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and a minor in art.  Visual arts majors (freshman and transfer) enter as BA candidates and are admitted to BFA standing upon successful completion of foundation courses with the permission of the faculty.

Bachelor of Arts in Art (BA): 51 hours to include:

18 hours of foundation courses (ART 120-121, 125, 128 and 130-131)

9 hours of art history (ART 360, 461 and either 361 or 460)

3 hours of aesthetics (PHI 275)

3 hours of senior seminar (ART 401)

BA students are required to participate in a senior exhibition, portfolio review, or complete an equivalent senior project as approved by the faculty.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art (BFA):  78 hours to include:
18 hours of foundation courses (ART 120-121, 125, 128 and 130-131)
12 hours of art history (ART 360-361 and 460-461)
6 hours of aesthetics and art theory (PHI 275 and ART362 or 462)
3 hours of senior seminar (ART 401)

Up to 6 hours of courses in graphic design (GDS) may count toward the visual art major in the BFA program.
BFA students are required to mount a senior exhibition (solo or group).

Minor in Art:  21 hours to include ART120, 130, and 3 hours from ART 360, 361, 460, or 461.

Visual arts majors are required to attend and participate in scheduled departmental meetings.  Visual arts majors are responsible to read and abide by all departmental policies as described in the Visual Arts Department Studio Manual.

Honors Program: The Visual Arts Department offers the opportunity to enroll in the following courses for honors credit:  ART 360, 361, 362, 365, 460, 461, 462, and PHI 275.  Other ART courses may also be considered for honors status subject to faculty approval.  For honors program policies, see "Honors Program" found in the "Administration of the Curriculum" section of the catalogue. 

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