Senior RecitalMUS - MusicMUS-486For seniors in BMUS Composition. Prepare and present a concert consisting of 45-60 minutes of original compositions (not including breaks) which may involve interdisciplinary collaboration. Concert repertoire is subject to the approval of the Music Chair and the student's applied teacher, and is evaluated by a faculty jury.UndergraduateMain CampusMusic Department, Traditional Only
Ldrshp &mgt for Effect/Efficient SchoolsEDU - EducationEDU-650This course examines current issues that affect elements of educational leadership and administration. The course addresses school leadership and management as a building administrator, as well as issues of district-level leadership and administration. The course includes an examination of the leadership, management skills, and professional dispositions required as an administrator in dealing within the school as well as other organizations. Emphasis will be placed upon the processes by which change is brought about in dealing with decision making, programming, communicating, motivating, controlling, and evaluating in order to realize effective and efficient schools. This course addresses Standard 1.1-1.4: Mission, Vision, and Core Values of the NELP StandardsGraduateOnline CampusEducation Department, Online Only
Addiction/ Substance AbusePSY - PsychologyPSY-362UndergraduateAtlanta Campus; Chattanooga CampusPsychology Department, Adult & Online
Pathophysiology for RNsNRN - Nursing - RN to BSNNRN-413This course is designed to examine pathophysiology related to human illness within a systems framework. Emphasis is on understanding pathophysiology as an alteration in normal physiological functioning of individual client subsystems. Focus is on presentation of selected pathophysiology and subsequent symptomatology in diverse clients across the lifespan. (Nursing RN-BSN Majors Only) UndergraduateOnline CampusNursing Department, Online Only
Issues & Innovations in Human ResourceMSL - LeadershipMSL-663A study of current research into critical issues in the human resources, and innovations that affect managing human resources to reach their full potential within organizations.GraduateOnline Campus; Memphis CampusBusiness Administration Depart, Adult & Online
Public Policy AnalysisMPA - Public AdministrationMPA-612Policy development and implementation are examined. Studies include who contributes to policy formation, overview of the process, and implications of policymaking. Influence of politics on the process is analyzed by using case studies. Additional topics of study include setting agendas, evaluating, succession, and policy adaptation. GraduateJackson Campus; Online CampusPublic Administration Dept, Adult & Online
Human Resources and DevelopmentMPA - Public AdministrationMPA-606Develops skills in techniques of personnel administration and management. Examines recruitment, selection, training, motivation, performance evaluation, compensation, discipline, and career development.GraduateJackson Campus; Online CampusPublic Administration Dept, Adult & Online
Ethics in Health CareMHA - Master Health AdminMHA-624This course examines the ethical issues found in the health care system with the focus on the health care administrator as the decision-maker, leader, and moral agent. An in-depth look at ethical responsibilities related to various health care situations will be explored from a Biblical world view. Actual cases to illustrate everyday ethical dilemmas that are faced will be investigated. GraduateOnline CampusHealth Administration Dept, Online Only
Business Principles IMBA - Master Business AdminMBA-612An introduction to business fundamentals including Financial Accounting, Business Math and Statistics and Economics. Application of the Christian worldview to the field of business is also discussed.GraduateAtlanta Campus; Chattanooga CampusBusiness Administration Depart, Adult & Online
Mathematics for Business and EconomicsMAT - MathematicsMAT-345Mathematics for Business and Economics is an introduction to the basic mathematical concepts used in finance and economics. Topics include functions, differential calculus, statistics, and finance. Applications to business are emphasized throughout the course.UndergraduateAtlanta Campus; Chattanooga CampusMathematics Department, Adult & Online

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