Elementary StatisticsPSY - PsychologyPSY-304A basic survey of the descriptive statistics and inferential statistics used in research. Computation and elementary theory of correlation, t test and simple analysis of variance. Applicable primarily to the social sciences, and all examples and problems are selected from social and behavioral sciences. Psychology majors should complete this course no later than the first semester of their junior year.UndergraduateAtlanta Campus; Chattanooga CampusPsychology Department, Adult & Online
Current Issues & Trends in Sports AdminMSA - Master Sports AdminMSA-608This course will provide an in-depth study and analysis of the athletic profession as it relates to trends and issues surrounding administrative decision making. Some examples of the issues include violence, discrimination, racism, and sexism. GraduateOnline CampusSports Administration Dept, Online Only
Somatic Practices for DanceDAN - DanceDAN-585An introduction to somatic methods and practices in dance technique and performance. GraduateJackson Campus; Main CampusDance Department, Adult Only
Quantitative Decision MakingMBA - Master Business AdminMBA-680This course is designed to prepare that business administration student with quantitative skills and abilities which will be applied in a business-related environment. Areas covered include: designing goods and services, managing quality, forecasting, location and layout strategies, supply chain management, , inventory management, just-intime and lean operations, descriptive statistics, probability techniques, and regression analysis.GraduateAtlanta Campus; Chattanooga CampusBusiness Administration Depart, Adult & Online
Psychology of the Exceptional ChildEDU - EducationEDU-602A study of the child who follows atypical patterns. Includes assessment practices and teaching techniques applicable to students with various disabilities. GraduateDesoto Campus; Jackson CampusEducation Department, Adult & Online
Cell & Molecular Biology IBIO - BiologyBIO-375A study of morphology and function of the cell; nucleus, RER, ribosomes, and processes including replication,transcription, translation, cell signaling, cancer.UndergraduateMain CampusBiology Department, Traditional Only
Introduction Spreadsheet ApplicationsBUS - BusinessBUS-120An introduction to using spreadsheet software widely used in business with a hands-on approach to creating and using basic spreadsheets as well as navigating the software.UndergraduateMain Campus; Online - China ProgramBusiness Administration Depart, Traditional Only
Intermediate Accounting IACC - AccountingACC-313An in-depth study of financial functions and basic theory; recognition and measurement of assets, liabilities, income and equity; and the preparation and analysis of financial statements. .UndergraduateOnline Campus; Main CampusAccounting Department, Traditional & Online
Intro to Online EducationBUS - BusinessBUS-280This course is designed to develop those skills which will help the online learner to be successful in meeting the fundamental foundations of a Christian liberal arts education. These skills include effective learning, reading, research writing, and critical thinking across the curriculum. The student will develop an understanding of what a Christian worldview means within the context of academic coursework, within both this and future online courses.UndergraduateOnline Campus; Online - China ProgramBusiness Administration Depart, Online Only
Composition & RhetoricENG - EnglishENG-103An introduction to the process of writing, emphasizing skills in proper use of grammar, paragraph and essay writing, and critical thinking while exploring the relationships of composition and rhetoric. Emphasizes the Christian responsibility to use language effectively and ethically. (Must be passed with a grade of C- or better)UndergraduateAtlanta Campus; Chattanooga CampusEnglish Department, Adult & Online

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