Ethical Problems in BusinessMBA - Master Business AdminMBA-624Christ centered solutions are emphasized as a means to resolve ethical problems in the business place. Classic ethical systems are reviewed and critiqued through a Christian worldview along with contemporary concerns including social responsibility. Case studies are utilized to help students understand issues relating to real world dilemmas. GraduateAtlanta Campus; Chattanooga CampusBusiness Administration Depart, Adult & Online
Survey of World Literature IIENG - EnglishENG-204A survey of major continental authors and their writings, the literary historical periods, and the linguistic cultures of various nations. ENG 203 covers the Greco-Roman and Hebrew-Christian periods through the Renaissance; ENG 204 from the Enlightenment to the modern and postmodern eras.UndergraduateAtlanta Campus; Bethel CampusEnglish Department, Trad, Online & Adult
Principles of MicroeconomicsECO - EconomicsECO-206A study of the basic tools of microeconomic analysis and their application to decision making by the household and the business firm. A section on government regulation and antitrust policy is included. Recommended for students interested in graduate Business studies.UndergraduateBusiness Administration Depart
Undergraduate ResearchBUS - BusinessBUS-492Supervised research in a business field of study. Open by request only to junior and senior business majors. Offered by special arrangement with the dean of the school of business. UndergraduateMain CampusBusiness Administration Depart
Introduction to Graduate EducationMBA - Master Business AdminMBA-601GraduateOnline - China ProgramBusiness Administration Depart
Cancer BiologyBIO - BiologyBIO-362UndergraduateMain CampusBiology Department, Traditional Only
TESOL PracticumEnglish Language TeachingELT-312This course allows students to observe and participate in practical teaching experiences with second language learners. ELT-311 is a prerequisite. Students will participate in text evaluation, lesson development, and teaching experiences in ESL settings.UndergraduateMain CampusEsl Department, Traditional Only
Current Global TrendsIST - International StudiesIST-305Focuses on relevant world news and current global trends such as globalization, urbanization, cultural intelligence (CQ), and kingdom professionals engaged in the global workforce.UndergraduateMain Campus; Online CampusInternational Studies Dept, Traditional Only
Enhancing Curr & Instructional CapacityEDU - EducationEDU-745Using the State of Mississippi as a focus, this course explores general guidelines, issues, and other foundations for curriculum development and evaluation at elementary, middle, and secondary school levels. This course will help candidates make the transition from thinking of curriculum for a particular subject within a classroom setting to thinking of the philosophical frameworks that help shape curriculum and the curricular approaches and professional learning for schools in order to increase student achievement. Candidates will develop an understanding of the present state and school curriculum and learn how to effectively restructure and implement curriculum to create professional learning opportunities in order to improve teaching and learning. Issues of national and state student testing will be addressed. This course addresses NELP Standard: Standard 4.1-4.4: Instructional Leadership GraduateOnline CampusEducation Department, Online Only
Ldrshp &mgt for Effect/Efficient SchoolsEDU - EducationEDU-750This course examines current issues that affect elements of educational leadership and administration. The course addresses school leadership and management as a building administrator, as well as issues of district-level leadership and administration. The course includes an examination of the leadership, management skills, and professional dispositions required as an administrator in dealing within the school as well as other organizations. Emphasis will be placed upon the processes by which change is brought about in dealing with decision making, programming, communicating, motivating, controlling, and evaluating in order to realize effective and efficient schools. This course addresses NELP Standard: Standard 1.1-1.4: Mission, Vision, and Core Values GraduateOnline CampusEducation Department, Online Only

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